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Note to vendors about summer holidays 2019

Please take a moment to update your work calendar and enter your holiday period.

To update your calendar, go to My Flow and then click on Availability. Thank you. 

Note to suppliers:

The new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect on May 25th 2019. To reflect this new regulation, we have updated our Terms and Conditions and Data Privacy Policy. Please take a moment to read through and agree to the new terms and conditions. Our privacy policy is available on our website and on the supplier portal.


Note to all users:

If you encounter any unexpected issues while using MultiTransTM, please check you are using the preferred browser Internet Explorer 9 or above.

Please note, in order to access the Web Editor, use of Internet Explorer 9 or above is mandatory and you must make sure you have added * to your trusted sites.


Note to suppliers:

A spellchecker in the Web Editor may be available in your language. To check availability and enable this option, go to the Editor menu tab. If a spellchecker is available in your language, please ensure to enable it to assist you with any translation and proofreading tasks. More information is available on page 17 of the following user guide:




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